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Cleaning Specialist


Person with disability certificate


Depending Coordinator cleaning section, be liable to maintain in perfect condition and cleanliness of the different areas of assigned clients, following the procedures established by the Organization and ensuring at all times to provide hygienically safe and pleasant environment following according to established protocols and regulations. Prepare material and cleaning tools to initiate activity and notify your superior if it detects incidents; cleaning, custody and care of equipment, tools and tooling own job, fill data for your job (from work, quality control, for example.) that prompted his superior


We seek a person with so much time availability to work in the mornings, evenings and / or weekends, intensive days.


- Must be certified disability equal to or greater than 33%.

- We have assessed B1 driving license, although it is not a prerequisite.

Educational technical assistant



In accordance with the procedures and / or protocols established by the Group Foundation Ramon Noguera, the Department of Social Welfare, current regulations and guidelines set by his superior, conduct activities with direct service to the user intellectual disabilities, following established procedures, managing incidents that may arise and acting according to the principles established by the legislation.


Essential availability to work in the evenings and weekends / holidays.


Although not a prerequisite, we have worked positively assessed carrying out tasks related to direct attention to people with disabilities.


Essential to have a driving license B1

Gardening Specialist


Person with certificate of disability


Depending on the gardening coordinator, it will be responsible for keeping it in perfect condition and cleaning the green zones of the different assigned clients, following the procedures set by the organization and ensuring at all times to offer a hygienically safe and pleasant environment. Do the work to adapt the gardens and trees, maintenance of the green areas assigned, following the established protocols and in accordance with the regulations. Your tasks include preparing the gardening material and tools to start the activity and notify your hierarchical superior in the event of an incident; Cleaning, safekeeping and care of the machinery, material, tools and tools of the workplace, fill in the data corresponding to your work (parts of work, quality controls, for example) requested by your superior.


- Must have a certificate of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

- It will be valued to have driving license B1

- Expertise in Gardening will be valued




Depending on the Head of Services, he will be responsible for leading, coordinating, planning and supervising the activities of the kitchen and confectionery department, ensuring the optimization of available resources and in accordance with pre-established cost, time and quality criteria. He will make sure to work in accordance with the defined technical sanitary regulations. It will promote and participate in the design and presentation of new dishes and menu cycles. It will also be responsible for making periodic inventories and keeping up to date the forecasts of raw material needs, ensuring proper management of safety stocks, making order proposals. It will also be responsible for ensuring that the machinery, facilities and tools of the department are always in optimal condition.


We are looking for a professional with a minimum of 1 year of experience developing the functions of a chef in a restaurant.
We think of a candidate, with studies in hospitality, order management ...

This job involves planning, initiative, autonomy and management skills.



Aliments Onyar, a company in the process of expansion, dedicated to the production and distribution of products from second to fifth range of food, requires:



The selected person will be integrated into the Sales and Marketing Department, taking responsibility for customer service, dynamization and sales promotion, product approach to the territory, awareness of organic consumption, customer order management assigned, and to track deliveries.

It will also provide support in the preparation and calculation of budgets, processing of documentation, updating of price rates and special promotions. Its task includes resolving incidents and ensuring a good level of customer satisfaction.


The profile corresponds to a person with a degree in Business, Public Relations, Commerce or similar, who can provide a minimum of 2 years experience performing similar functions. És imprescindible acreditar un nivell nadiu tant de català com de castellà. We are looking for a methodical, decisive person with good communication skills.

Professional skills:

- Communication skills

- Establishment of interpersonal relationships

- Empathy

- Pro activity

- Organization and planning


Full day from 9 am to 6 pm.

We guarantee maximum confidentiality (Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data)

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