Occupational Therapy: Viewpoint of a family user


Author: Imma Marquès, mother of Miquel Ávalos, user of the Occupational Center Montilivi.

Miquel was born in September 1975, amid the air of renewal and deep political and social reforms that society was living in that era.

He came loaded with enthusiasm that he himself, with his arrival, scattered all the family. She was small, with white skin, blue eyes and small and delicate factions, and soon she changed the moixí hair by a smooth, light golden golden hair. He was a child made person. At that time we were living together with grandparents, aunt Susi and uncle Narcís. So, from a very young age, in Miquel, he was a pampered child, because in the family there was still no baby anymore, and that is why parents, very young, and children tired of dressing it up, Do it, and make it all sorts of festoons.

He grew up until two years with all normality; At least that's what his pediatrician was saying, because the weight and motor functions corresponded to the standard data that doctors use to track them. So he walked very soon, although he already showed the first difficulties in building words and then phrases. The first two years he attended the kindergarten, although for a few hours, and the third one took me to school, because at that time, as a teacher, in the classroom I had the Small

I remember that although at three years I drew giant boats with all the details, in return it continued to show serious speech difficulties, which increased our concern for its evolutionary and cognitive development. No pediatrician, nor children's psychiatry, to whom we went to look up curious aspects of his personality - such as, for example, that at four years he drew grotesque and fantasy figures always in black and gray tones - he gave any importance to these facts. The diagnosis was always the same: the child was slower.

With a lot of help from home and from outside, in Miquel he learned to read and write, he attended primary school, which then reached up to eighth, and I can say that at his age he had well-established basic lessons. But in his social life at school as well as outside, he showed problems of adaptation with peers both in the game and in the typical and typical activities of the age. The different psychologists and professionals we consulted during their school career did not know how to give us another response, or any other diagnosis than the slowest maturation process.

In Miquel it showed good aptitudes in the artistic field and spent many hours drawing and painting, and later showed skills for ceramics. But it became great and, despite the efforts made by parents and the anguish that our future in general produced us, we found, again and again, that there was no place in society to locate a boy of his Features and profile.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum and it is true that he came together with many of his indicators that are characteristic of this anomaly. He also attended the occupational center of the Ramon Noguera Foundation several years ago, where they do very varied activities so that all the boys and girls are integrated and find their place according to their abilities. Miquel gets up every day soon to go there, and the most important thing is that he is happy. At home he likes to collaborate on simple tasks and he also likes to go and make his grandfather company great and spend many hours alone.

At the foundation, you can develop, together with your colleagues, the points of your personality that make you a beloved boy in the family and the neighborhood, such as your kindness, your smile, and the generosity you have with Theirs and with everyone.

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2017. Read more articles: MAGAZINE FRN 2017

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