Urban vegetable gardens as a therapeutic occupation activity


Today we want to talk about the project of Urban Ecological Gardens, an activity that is carried out by the Occupational Therapy service of the Ramon Noguera Foundation and which is fully consolidated.

The purpose of this inclusive activity is the work and knowledge of the products of the earth, through the care and maintenance of the orchards, and using the results for own consumption or solidarity with those who need it.

There are three locations where groups of users of the occupational centers of Girona and Llagostera carry out this activity:

· One is the Ecosolidari orchard of the University of Girona , a social reintegration project aimed at the users of the La Sopa de Girona host center, which also involves UdG students who receive socio-environmental learning. The Ramon Noguera Foundation's task in this vegetable garden is to provide tools for their work and, since 2014, every Wednesday, a group of people voluntarily carry out different gardening tasks.

· The other is the orchard located in Llagostera, a project of the Consortium of Social Welfare Gironès-Salt in collaboration with the City Council of Llagostera, which give these spaces to different groups for inclusion and d 'insert.

· And the third is in the Car Wash that our entity has in Montfullà (Bescanó). The latter is an orchard that has been worked on in one of the basins that have been part of the MinAqua project for demonstration of water savings in Car Wash, and it has been converted for some time into a vegetable garden aromatic. It has a drip irrigation system, so maintenance is done once a month by users. In this article you can see pictures of how beautiful this orchard is right now.

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