'What a world we want', our set in the Llagostera flower exhibition


On the occasion of the 31st Contest-exhibition of flowers, plants and shop windows, organized as part of the Festa Major de Llagostera, the boys and girls of the occupational center have made a handmade decor that will be installed on the wall of the old town between 3 and 7 June, the days of the local festival.

What world do we want?

The set, entitled " We want to live in a world where ... " is a representation of the Earth seen from the air and aims to be an urgent call to respect and care for the planet. The idea came from three concepts that we have very much in mind today: climate change, the recent pandemic, and war. We have noticed that the hand of man is very present in the deterioration of the Earth because, for example, during confinement, nature seemed to resurface. And it seems that we are reaching a point of no return, that if we do not do something, there will soon be no turning back. That is why with this setting we say NO to some things that we believe harm the planet but also to people in their day to day lives. The ball of the world is accompanied by the words we say NO to: harassment, pollution, intolerance, abuse, injustice, violence, war and inequality.

This setting has been made mainly with the collage technique, following the tones that are seen if we look at the Earth from space, and the reliefs of geography have been worked with paper balls. Then, handmade cardboard-stone flowers and felt flowers, of different shapes and colors, were added and glued on a grid that protects the world ball.

The idea is for the set to be dynamic and very participatory; that people can express their opinion about the world in which they want to live. That is why we have also prepared some cardboard cards that will be in a bag next to the set, and anyone who wants can write their wishes for our planet and leave them attached to the grid. In fact, the boys and girls from the occupational center and also some students from the Lacustària school who have collaborated have already said their part and left some cards written.

The decoration will be displayed on the wall of the old town of Llagostera. The assembly took place yesterday, Thursday 3 June, and will be there all weekend, until Tuesday 7 June, the last day of the Festa Major. We hope you like it!

Painting exhibition

On the other hand, during these days of Festa Major you can also visit the exhibition of paintings in the room of Can Roure (in front of the Casa de Vídues). In this exhibition you will find paintings by some of the boys and girls from Llagostera who regularly attend the painting workshop at the Pere Mayol Municipal School of Art. The exhibition will open on Saturday 4 at 12 noon. We hope you enjoy it.

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