The self-governing clover in the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Girona


The self-governing Clover Foundation Ramon Noguera has been at the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Girona in the cycle of talks that are on "Rights of people with Original." The talk was conducted with students of the subject "Inclusive Research" as part of the Masters in Education for Diversity and Inclusive Education, and has had a duration of an hour and a half. It is an activity where people first self-managers explain their experiences and expertise and serves as a social protest about the violation of their rights. As a novelty, also exposed the objectives set for this 2016, namely:

· Change the word "disability" with "disabilities"

· Improve their own self-managers of group cohesion

· Continue talks to reach as many people in our society and thus raise awareness about this topic

The second part of the talk is a dynamic debate on each self-governing small committee (each with a small group of students) what would happen if they had any of Dertien humans have in real life. Apart from all the reflections and conclusions that arise from this interaction creates a relaxed atmosphere that leads to the next and small impromptu interviews of students towards self-managers for the curiosity and interest that motivates the talk. With these activities, self-managers have found that students are highly motivated to know what their day to day and wanting to delve deeper into the personal experiences that explain the talk.

A self-governing explaining his experience to studentsA moment of self-managers talk

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