Talk on 'The rights of people with ID' from the Self-Managers group of the Foundation


Last May 15, the group of Self-Managers of the Foundation gave a talk about the rights of people with ID to a group of colleagues from the Sarrià de Dalt i Fontajau residence. The talk was held in the center of Sarrià.

They were able to explain to their colleagues what the rights of people with ID are, with the help of pictograms and in a very visual way.

The aim of the self-management group is to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities are their own spokespersons and protagonists in their lives.

It was created and is made up of people with intellectual disabilities who are users of the Ramon Noguera Foundation and they came together to share experiences and experiences, ideas and future projects, and currently to raise awareness in society of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities intellectual People with ID also want to have self-determination and the right to decide, to be able to manage our lives, to be the protagonists and not secondary actors.

In our gatherings they talk about economics, politics, gardening, cinema, etc. The Trèvol Autogestors are very determined to continue to make society aware of our rights and work to grow the group in number of people.

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