Video of the Easycooking project


As we explained to you in April, EASYCOOKING is a European project co-funded by the ERASMUS + program of the EC, framed in the key action "strategic cooperation cooperation partnerships and the exchange of good practices". The goal is to co-produce an easy cookbook and improve the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities through easy cooking and small-scale food training sessions. During this time, the different project partners have provided a significant number of traditional recipes from the respective countries, and the nutrition research group of Harokopio University (Greece) has done a nutrition analysis in detail, which has been used to select -and the healthiest ones.

Easycooking started in September 2017 and, today, we are developing cooking courses for users of the different partner organizations of the project (VTC Margarita de Grecia, EPSYME of Greece), Harokopio University of Greece, Organization Earth of Greece, ARCIL of Portugal and Orchardville of Northern Ireland). The purpose of these courses is for people to learn recipes and criteria for healthy cooking, nutrition advice, how to choose the ingredients and manage the domestic economy for food. Here you can check the Easycooking FRN Program .

Previously, in the month of April, we explained to you that, in our country, there was a cooking training for those who are now responsible for training in cooking courses. Here in eniu the resulting video.

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