Job Shadowing experience in Uruguay


From November 11 to 22, as part of the Erasmus + SEIS project for entrepreneurship and innovative solutions , Sandra Mustera, a Human Resources technician, traveled to Paysandú, Uruguay, to participate in the "Job Shadowing" Program.

For two weeks she participated in the exchange of experiences with the organization APRODIME , which works for people with intellectual disabilities in Paysandú, department of Uruguay.

The purpose of the program was to observe the operation of the center, the methodology of work, services and care for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as, at a general level, the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in the South American country.

Apart from the reference center, she also visited different entities and services that serve this group of people, also visited the University and was interviewed in local media. All this allowed him to gain a broad view of intellectual disability in Uruguay.

Sandra's experience with the Erasmus + program, she says, has been a labor-intensive but, above all, personally enriching experience. He has been able to get to know a part of the Latin American continent, and above all he has met some excellent professionals on the other side of the ocean.

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