The benefits of the Health Parks of our centers


We have been running the Health Parks for three months now at three centers of the Ramon Noguera Foundation with the aim of encouraging the practice of sports among people with disabilities as a source of health and well-being. Cesc Massó, technician in the area of health and physical activity of the foundation, explains how to make the most of these facilities.

"There are many ways to train, as many as the infinity of movements that everyone is able to do. Every move we make is associated with a particular goal, with a particular gesture, and sometimes without thinking about it. However, each goal can serve to improve the movements we need to complete our day to day. From crouching down easily to extending your arm to grab something in height, or just being as functional as possible; in short, need help or support as late as possible.

In order for the person to be as autonomous as possible, they need to exercise their body in some way. We have at our disposal countless exercises, many training systems and many spaces to be able to improve our basic physical qualities. We need to work, always with the advice of professionals, at all ages and situations, endurance, strength, flexibility and speed.

The Foundation has implemented the resource of machinery for physical exercise, a total of 7 machines for each space, specifically in the occupational center Montilivi and the residences of Sarrià and Fontajau. These machines are thought and designed to exercise and develop all the basic physical qualities, but emphasizing the work of strength and endurance, above all.

There are some machines to work the largest muscles in our body, others to work on joint mobility and others to work on the cardiorespiratory level.

With regard to machines related to force work, it should be noted that these are machines where the force to be applied is proportional to the weight of the person using it. In this moment of force, it is necessary to differentiate the first moment of effort (concentric force) with the second moment of effort, the one of return to the initial position (eccentric force). This first moment of strength is innate, and 95% of users can do it. The second moment is what interests us most, the eccentric force. This type of strength is what we need to learn to work to control, so that muscle adaptations and improvements are significant.

No less important is the planning and scheduling of the training session. The professional must regulate the volume, in terms of series and repetitions, and the intensity of effort to achieve adaptations. These machines, located in a healthy environment, allow us to increase intensity through creativity, apply training systems to achieve goals related to weight loss, rehabilitation, better longevity, and even stress relief. . In short, the options they give us could be endless, you just have to think hard and start training. ”

The machines in the health parks are a very interesting resource that needs to be shown security, respect and energy, as it will be the best way to build physical, mental and social well-being. ”

The Health Parks have received support from the “la Caixa” Foundation, which has contributed 20,000 euros to the project through CaixaBank.

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