Tasting Workshop, a new project and job training


On Friday, July 15th, the new Tasting Workshop, located at the Mas Xirgu car wash facilities, was presented as part of the 1st Meeting of Friends of the Foundation.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation has launched the Tasting Workshop, a new training and social integration project located in the car wash facilities that the entity has in Mas Xirgu. It is a gastronomic space that forms and gives employment to people with intellectual disabilities in the hospitality sector. This new formative project integrated in the Special Center of Work has been developed with the collaboration of the ONCE Foundation through the PIR (Program of Investments in Regional Infrastructures 2016), and has been presented in the framework of the I Trobada Friends of the Foundation, in an act open to all, although it already had a month and a half running.

The Tasting Workshop offers coffees, infusions and teas, juices, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and pastries of their own production, all with products with a touch of craftsmanship, proximity and quality. The opening hours coincide with that of car washing (from 8 am to 9 pm on weekdays, and from 8 am to 2 noon on Sundays and holidays) so that it is a complementary service, It offers guests while waiting for them to rent the car while enjoying a heated rest area or the terrace area, with free wi-fi. However, the Tasting Workshop is open to everyone.

On Friday, this new project was presented in the framework of the I Meeting of Friends of the Foundation, in an act whose objective was to bring together all the people committed to the mission of the entity. Friends of the Foundation is a network of people linked to the Ramon Noguera Foundation who collaborate directly with projects giving financial support through periodic donations, while also having the opportunity to learn more about the work carried out by the entity as well as the collective of people with intellectual disabilities.

Here you can see a moment of the event, where the workers showed us how they make coffee.

The event was open to everyone with the following program:

19: 00h Presentation by Pepita Perich, Managing Director of the FRN Group

19: 15h Personal experience in the labor market of Teresa Gironès, worker of the Special Employment Center and member of the group of Autogestors Trèvol

7:30 p.m. Talk by friend and collaborator Pere Cornellà, manager of Cafès Cornellà, a company directly involved in the training of workers at the Tasting Workshop

19:45 p.m. Demonstration of product elaboration (coffees, frappés and smoothies) by the Barista Imma Vila, by Cafès Cornellà, and the workers of the Tasting Workshop

8:30 pm Dinner-tasting on the right for all attendees

This is a meeting that the Fundació Ramon Noguera commits to repeat annually with all the Friends of the Foundation.

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