3a. promotion of students from the foundation's training programs


On July 7, the closing ceremony took place with the promotion of students who participated in the Training Actions of the 2021-2022 academic year of the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

The event, held at the facilities of the entity of C / Indústria 16, where the training programs have been developed, was attended by 30 students and the entire team of trainers and counselors. During the event they were given certificates of completion of the following training:

Hairdressing Auxiliary Services

Basic bar and cafeteria operations

Certificate of Professionalism of Trade Assistant

Basic kitchen operations.

Attendees were able to view a video and then proceeded to the delivery of the corresponding diplomas and the border.

The training actions developed ensure compliance with the objective of providing tools, knowledge and resources for quality employment.

From the Foundation we congratulate them, and thank them for their effort and dedication during this time. We hope that they will continue to count on the Foundation to move forward on its path.

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