VI Meeting of Friends of the Foundation


Yesterday, July 20, the 6th Annual Meeting of Friends of the Foundation was held.

Close to a hundred people were able to enjoy a splendid evening at La Rosaleda Jardí Degustació restaurant.

The president, Salvi Amagat, welcomed the attendees, emphasizing the great work of the foundation during all these years. Then, the managing director, Pepita Perich, took stock of the last year, presenting the most outstanding economic, human resources and people served data.

Then we entered the key theme of this year's meeting "Creativity and Innovation". From the Foundation we have always committed to this, in fact innovation is one of our main values. Working from the side of creativity and innovation helps to develop different aspects of people and this means that it has a significant impact on their quality of life. From a professional point of view from the technical director of STO-LLars, Ester Triadó, and Ester Roura, monitor and member of the creativity team of the Occupational Therapy Service and from a completely personal point of view , with the experiences of four users.

After the talk we went to the gardens to taste some pizzas from the new La Singular brand. At the same time, in the interior room of the restaurant, you could visit the exhibition of the fantastic animals they made for the Temps de Flors exhibition and photos of the entire creative process of our artists.

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