For Easter we cook donuts


These Easter days, as part of the cooking itinerary, Easter donuts were made at the Fontajau Residence. The cooking itinerary is an activity that is done weekly and, on specific dates as in this case, the typical recipes of our culture are cooked.

On this occasion, and with the support of two educators, a group of users of the Fontajau Residence cooked donuts of two different varieties: apple fritters and banana and coconut fritters, which were delicious.

It is an activity they really enjoy. To choose the recipes, different options are searched on the internet and the users decide the recipe they want to make. They make the purchase list of the necessary ingredients, and participate in all the phases of the elaboration that they can (always with the help of the educator).

As we have explained on other occasions, itineraries are activities generated based on the preferences of each person, and sharing them with a group of people. This is possible because at the Ramon Noguera Foundation we work with the methodology of person-centered planning, a process that emphasizes the life goals that each of them has, their desires and their support needs, focusing on their strengths, skills and preferences.

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