On the expansion of residential concert concerts for people with intellectual disabilities


From the Ramon Noguera Foundation, today we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from a TV3 team, on the occasion of the announcement made by the Department of Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya in relation to the extension of the concerts of places of residence for people with intellectual disabilities.

The team of journalists was able to visit our residence in Fontajau (Girona) and, for us, it was an opportunity to be able to convey our concerns regarding this issue and, specifically, we were able to emphasize two aspects. which we believe are fundamental:

First of all, the fact that we have free places for residential care and, nevertheless, there is a paradox that there are people who require these services and do not have a place. We therefore need the department to provide funding to the entities for the access of these people to the places that are available today.

Secondly, we have also been able to communicate that we are facing a very vulnerable group, and we cannot afford not to plan the support they will need throughout their lives. It is important to point out that we are talking about rights and services that are recognized in the portfolio of services of the Department of Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We believe that collaboration policies are needed with the entities of the territory, in this case, the entities of the third non-profit social sector as key operators in the services of attention to people. In this sense, it is necessary to collaborate between the administration, entities and families to advance in the necessary planning of the future needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

In this sense, we want to remember that we plan to build a new residence for 30 people with an opening projection for 2024 in Sant Daniel (Girona), as a facility that must respond to these needs for growth in relation to residential places.

You can watch our talk on this topic this evening on TV3.

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