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Author: Eduard Massó, former worker in the kitchen section of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, who has been included in the ordinary company

When I entered the foundation, I began to wash cars for 3 months of the year 2015. Then they finished making changes to the kitchen staff and they told me if I would be interested in working as a cook and I went. To say yes.

Before beginning the foundation, I had been working for 3 years and a half at a restaurant in La Garrotxa and I already had experience and knew how the hotel industry worked.

So, in June of the year 2015, I started in the kitchen sector with my colleagues who are some cracks !!!

With the time I've been there, there have been different changes of staff and we also set up the bar next to the kitchen with new workers and we also took the Devesa restaurant, La Rosaleda, which everyone knows always. ..

And in the kitchen we changed the kitchen head and started to do some work and they renovated the kitchen for the best, for example:

- The refrigerator room is now bigger and cooler, the better it is that in winter you wear a scarf, hey!
- We also made two new chambers that were needed for the theme of space (although we adapted to what was needed).
- Also, and most importantly, they brought us new machines that work perfectly. At first it was lost because they are tactile and are not easy to use, but little by little we caught the trick and now it is as if nothing ...

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2017. Read more articles: MAGAZINE FRN 2017

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