First-person workers. Gardening section


The Gardening and Forestry Services section is one of the oldest sections of the Foundation, with 20 years of experience and almost 50 employees. We retrieve an article by Isidre Juncà, gardener and worker of the foundation for many years. Isidre tells us about his experience working with us.

“I will soon be working at the Foundation for about 23 years. From the beginning, I've been through different sections: the industrial cleaning section, the car wash section ... I've done a bit of everything, and now I'm in the Gardening and Forestry Services section.

In fact, the first thing I did when I came in was gardening. Then the foundation was expanded and the other sections appeared. But after a while, I went back to gardening and here I am.

My current job is mainly to clear forests, riverbeds and streams. But I also do a little bit of everything else gardening.

As long as work can be done I am happy. I really enjoy gardening and enjoy doing my job. I feel good going to work, I’m distracted, and obviously it’s also important to be able to keep up with my expenses - the home, the car. If I don’t make money, I can’t afford certain whims like traveling, touching, or eating out.

I can also say that working at the Foundation gives me peace of mind: I know how things are going, I pay my monthly fee on time, I'm fine because I live very close. And there are some really nice people working there.

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