The prize winner of the 50th anniversary of the Lipdub very divided!


On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation Ramon Noguera , during the first half of 2015 created a lipdub competition between the various centers of the organization, an experience that was fun for all workers who participated.

It was devised that could lipdub to publicize the work of the center to other employees of the foundation. Given that we are 250 employees, the final six were entertained lipdub that corresponded to the Centre for Early Child Development and Care, Occupational Therapy Service, the central services of the group, the Center for Specialty Care, Residence and Fontajau the Special Employment Centre. The latter was the winner, with the lipdub entitled "Invencibles" and his prize was a contribution of € 2,000 to equip the center.

The members of this team were very generous and decided to split the prize between contestants centers. So now we can already announce that everyone enjoys their share of the prize. Among other things, this award has equipped schools with children's play areas, small appliances, stereo, projection screen, television, camera, etc ...

You can go back to the lipdub "Invencibles":

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