Casilda Thanks for being who you are


Casilda Thank you for being such ...

Casilda I join with many years of relationship; professional level, both have a wide experience in the field of people with disabilities in the Ripollès and Girona but our relationship is motivated mainly by the desire and commitment to join efforts to make visible these and people in our country Catalonia, never stops actions to constantly improve their quality of life. In this regard, we have shared many years associated with entities such as the longed "Workshop Coordinator."

We met us in the professional field, but over the years I have known Casilda also as a person, and it means that I have always been inspired enormous respect and admiration; Casilda you know, because you've seen in most cherished values: effort, humility and prudence, courageous person that transmits serenity.

I have the record, and I will live forever, embrace that we offer in the farewell of your beloved son Elijah. I would be very happy if I knew then convey all my feelings for your person.

I have recently come to hand a story written some time ago by Marta Freixedas responsible for formation of the MAP Foundation and psychologist specializing in development and emotional intelligence. The story began with the aim of capturing the essence of the mission of the organization, inspired by the founder, the Casilda, according to the writer "an example of a female fighter and enterprising; without it this project would not have been possible. "

Well, I would play it, and this is a song forever caressing your child.

"The trip"

The Casilda had a dream, a dream since childhood, wanted to travel to New York, the Empire State climb, walk along Fifth Avenue, Central Park ... For a long time preparing for this trip was engine his life saved, studied English and American history, he read hundreds of travel guides, newspapers, talked to others who had been there ... until the big day came.

We had everything ready, airline tickets, passport, luggage, maps ... went to the airport three hours in advance to avoid unforeseen turnover of the first in the queue and even could choose the seat next to the window.

The trip was long but quiet, the hostesses were very attentive with her, bring food, beverages, blankets .. Then came the big moment was nervous, even scared, would be New York as she had dreamed small? He fasten the belt and hugged her hard seat, closed his eyes and when the wheels of the plane touched the ground he heard a soft voice coming out of the speaker: Welcome to London.

London? He called London !! I was in New York !! For me, I've done wrong? It's not fair! But that was his fate, had off the plane, I had no choice.

I was disappointed, sad, angry with the world. For a time not reacted, everything was difficult and painful. Gradually was seeing in London also had wonderful things to discover and decided that the find! The world was bigger, richer and varied than she had imagined. This experience made ​​her a strong person, a fighter and very happy.

The Casilda is the founder of an organization's social model for the whole region and a trip to London is his son, Elijah, the person who forever changed their lives and many people with disabilities .

Good journey Elijah ...

Pepita Perich, Group Managing Director of Foundation Ramon Noguera

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