Held at the seventh meeting of Girona in Catalonia self-governing


On October 22 took place in Girona the seventh meeting of Catalonia self-governing groups, organized groups of self-managers Clover, Foundation Ramon Noguera and autopod, Astrid 21 Foundation and with the support of Dincat.

The topic of interest this year was the self, under the theme of the meeting "We want to decide. It is our future". As the main event, a conference was held with the association invited "Those who do not Rind" in Zaragoza. Then, they made a series of workshops and a meal together.

The groups that took part in the meeting were: Peace and Truce Foundation (MAP) Foundation Pond, Without Borders (Welfare Center San Juan de Dios) Asprona Vilar, Vox Nostra (Aura Foundation) Ampans, Ratio, self-managers of 'Even the FAP (Àuria Foundation), Andi (Andi Down Sabadell), Clover (Foundation Ramon Noguera) Maresme (Maresme Foundation) Personalities (Association St. Thomas-Parma), Oasis (Association San Tomàs- Parma) autopod (Astrid 21 Foundation) Break barriers (our Foundation Aspros), always on (Aprodisca) our voice (Aprodisca) and Functional Diversity Sabadell Region.

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