Political rights and legal capacity of persons with disabilities


On Wednesday, June 22 held a conference with the aim of claiming political rights of people with disabilities and raise awareness and legal operators in the current electoral context. The session was organized by the Council of Catalan Bar Associations, the Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia and DINCAT Full Inclusion (Catalan Federation of Intellectual Disability) and was addressed to lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, people working with the community and the general public.

The program of the day had welcomed Charles McCragh, Dean of the Bar Association of Girona, and intevencions Salvador Martí, Ph.D. politca Science and Administration, Nuria Pi, head of the Legal protection of Girona Foundation, Andreu Orofino, lawyer and legal adviser DINCAT and pains Torrents member DINCAT Rights Watch, in a ceremony chaired by Antoni Biarnés, Director of the Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia. Hidden Salvi, President of the Foundation Ramon Noguera, made his speech on behalf of the Federation DINCAT. The event ended with a round of open questions.

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