Tactile stimulation within the Experimentation itinerary


Tactile stimulation is an activity that is done as part of the "Experimentation" itinerary. It is held weekly, specifically on Tuesdays, with a small group of 6 users of the Fontajau Residence.

Sensory stimulation is fundamental to human development, as it provides us with information about the world around us.

The sensations perceived through the skin cause the level of integration of the tactile system to be related to the central nervous system. The stimulus perceived through the skin allows us to perceive sensations such as texture, temperature, etc.

At the Fontajau Residence Hall, tactile stimulation is worked on with the following objectives:

- Promote the interaction, development and communication of the person

- Optimize their well-being through controlled stimuli that allow the person to explore, discover and enjoy the different sensory experiences

Exploration, experimentation, and manipulation through touch is considered an important part of the development process as it fosters learning at all levels, cognitive, affective, and social.

The areas of the body most sensitive to touch are the hands, feet and face. In this session the images have been worked through the hands, facilitating the free manipulation of the object and tactile recognition, using different materials and textures, such as foam, in this case.

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