Multisensory stimulation in residences


Multisensory stimulation is an itinerary that is carried out at least once a week at the Sarrià residence.

The main goal of multisensory stimulation is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, to work on the sensations, perception and sensory that are basic abilities of human beings. The aim is to improve the assimilation of the sensory information offered to them by optimizing their relationship with the environment and their learning.

In an environment with controlled stimuli, the sensations are worked having, the person, the freedom to explore, to discover and to enjoy diverse sensory experiences. Within the work of multisensory stimulation, the objectives are:

· Based on the most basic human needs, promote interaction, development and communication.
· Favor the personal and social situation of the disabled person by improving and developing the mental and physical conditions.
· Develop and initiate communication strategies and insist on sensory-perceptual abilities adjusted to the possibilities of each person.
· Optimize your well-being and quality of life

In the residence of Sarrià, with this activity, people experience, explore, feel, perceive, internalize and identify, as far as the possibilities of each one, the sensations and perceptions that are obtained from one's own body.

Activities focus on proprioceptive, tactile, and vestibular stimulation. From here, we do oral, olfactory, gustatory, auditory and visual stimulation through different materials: fiber optic lamps, black light, materials of different textures, massages through vibrating pillows, essences, music, etc.

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