Fantastic II Meeting of Friends of the Foundation


On Friday, July 21, the Second Meeting of Friends of the Foundation took place, the patronage club of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, where all the people and companies interested in linking and providing economic support to our social projects . This project began in 2014 and currently has about 100 people linked. Since last year, there is an annual meeting with these people to share with them the new projects that are underway in the organization and to thank them for their support.

This year, the meeting took place at La Rosaleda Tasting Garden and hosted more than 70 attendees, among them, the mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, and the councilors Glòria Plana and Lluc Salellas. Pepita Perich, the Managing Director of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, welcomed the celebration and then Olga Casas, Director of the Children's Area, presented the pilot project of a specialized classroom integrated in the Home of Infants El Carrilet de Salt. This is one of the new projects that the foundation will set in motion from September and will give coverage to a field of childhood that, until now, was left unattended. The presentation ended with a video that featured the contributions of Eva Aynó, director of the Child Career El Carrilet, Wenxuan Zhang, mother of a user of the CDIAP and the future specialized classroom, and Esther Ayuso, Another child of the CDIAP and very vindicating regarding this new service that we can offer soon.

The meeting ended with a dinner on the right foot in the gardens of La Devesa, in an incomparable setting; A meal made in our kitchen with its own products such as the organic paste of Aligar Foods .

If you want to be part of this network of friends that is our patronage club, click here .

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