Experiences of inclusion in the University


Today we tell you about the experience of inclusion in the University that two people using the services of the Ramon Noguera Foundation are living.

This university year 2020-21, Joan Pujolar , user of the occupational therapy service and the residential reception service, and Xevi Pidemunt , worker of the Special Work Center (specifically of the Industrial Vehicle Washing), and user of the service of support for autonomy in the home, they are participating in the subject "Expertise and social transformation" of the Degree in Social Education of the University of Girona (UdG) as visiting students.

In 2019, we received this proposal from the Faculty of Education and Psychology and we had a first experience with two people during the last academic year 2019-20, Sergi Asensio and Sílvia Soto ( link to the article ) . The Ramon Noguera Foundation valued this experience very positively as it was about offering an opportunity to access the University to people who would hardly have it and, at the same time, it is aligned with our goal of working for social inclusion . That is why this year we wanted to repeat the experience.

The subject is a space for analysis, reflection and shared creation for 3rd and 4th grade students of the Social Education degree and experts, as is the case of Joan and Xevi, for their experience as users. of different services where social educators work. The sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons and are based on active methodologies that enhance participation. Online and face-to-face sessions have alternated with COVID.

The objectives of the subject are:

· Give value to personal experiences as a source of learning and foundation of proposals for improving socio-educational actions.

· Analyze socio-educational action , taking into account the visions and experiences of service users and experts for their experience.

· Learn strategies to enhance the participation of people using projects and services in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs, projects and socio-educational actions.

As visiting students of the UdG, Joan and Xevi have also had an e-mail to access the moodle and consult all the documentation of the subject, and have also had access to the benefits of the university community (library, sports service, etc.).

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