Agreement between the Ramon Noguera Foundation and the Benedictine Sisters of the Monastery of Sant Daniel to promote a residential care project in Girona

This is a social and heritage project that will meet the needs of residential places for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation and the Benedictine Sisters of the Monastery of Sant Daniel in Girona have signed an agreement to promote a residential care project that will meet the present and future needs of people with intellectual disabilities and will be located in Girona. On the one hand, this agreement represents a present and future initiative that responds to a real social need for residential care, providing solutions to comprehensively serve people with intellectual disabilities. On the other hand, it is configured as a Catalan heritage project, as this agreement is an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of the Benedictine religious community of Girona and a way of viability to preserve the millennial cultural heritage of its own Monastery of San Daniel.

The agreement signed today provides that the Ramon Noguera Foundation will have a space in an area adjacent to the Monastery to materialize the project and build a residence for 30 people that will be used to care for people with intellectual disabilities and is valued at an initial investment forecast of € 2,750,000. The provision of this space will be made through a concession of a surface right for the next 49 years and for which the social entity will collaborate with the monastic community of Benedictine nuns through a financial contribution.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation, a 55-year-old Girona social organization, regularly carries out studies on needs in order to be able to plan and plan equipment and services in the medium and long term for the territory. In this sense, the entity has identified the need that, in the coming years, it will be necessary to provide new shelters to care for people with intellectual disabilities that, for different reasons, mainly due to orphanhood, premature aging and / or serious effects, they will not be able to live in their homes because their families will not be able to take care of them.

The project must respond to these real needs and, to give viability to the initiative, funding must be obtained for the initial investment in construction and equipment. Salvi Amagat, president of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, highlights the importance of a project that responds to specific social needs and explains that “there has been a long way to go to reach this decisive agreement and now we must work to forge alliances and reality this residential equipment. We have the opportunity to promote a great project in Girona, in the broadest sense, and we are convinced that we will find the collaboration, synergy and empathy of public administrations and private organizations to do it. viability is possible ”. The residential care project at the Monastery of Sant Daniel has been presented and has the approval of the local and regional administrations, which value its future profitability through its social, cultural and patrimonial impact. The Ramon Noguera Foundation currently has 130 residential places distributed in different residential areas located in Girona, Sarrià de Ter, Cassà de la Selva and Llagostera.

The Benedictine nuns of the Monastery of Sant Daniel are a religious community with a long tradition of hospitality and it is in this sense that the residence project of the Ramon Noguera Foundation fits perfectly with its values. Maria Assumpció Pifarré, prioress of the Monastery, states that "it is a satisfaction for us to collaborate in a project where the Benedictine reception has this social dimension".

Marta Madrenas, mayor of Girona, emphasizes that “in times as complicated as the current ones such a project is possible because we all row together with a single goal: city council, bishopric, foundation, and also private agents who will provide the necessary financial resources to -take it forward. It is a city project ”. Francesc Pardo, Bishop of Girona, comments that “it is a very good decision” and emphasizes that the charity, hospitality and ecclesial love of the monastery are united with the social love for people with intellectual disabilities of the Ramon Noguera Foundation ”.

About the Monastery of Sant Daniel and the Ramon Noguera Foundation

The Monastery of St. Daniel has been home to a community of Benedictine nuns for over 1,000 years. Silence, prayer, work and hospitality are the pillars on which life is organized in the Monastery, in the privileged setting of the Vall de Sant Daniel. The architectural and artistic heritage of the Monastery has a remarkable value and the community works for its conservation, knowledge and dissemination.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation is a non-profit social initiative organization dedicated to caring for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Girona and the Gironès region. Its mission is focused on guaranteeing the quality of life of these people and their values are based on commitment to people through comprehensive care close to the territory.

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