The self-governing group Clover from within


There is currently a self-governing group that called Clover, consisting of seven people. We got together to share experiences and experiences, ideas and future projects, and now to raise public awareness of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. DI also want people to have self-determination and the right to decide to manage our lives, the protagonists and secondary actors.
We made several meetings with other self-governing groups in Catalonia and we exchanged ideas and experiences.
Our meetings are every 15 days on the Civic Center Sta. Eugenia, supported monthly Ida, social worker of the Foundation, which helps us to make decisions. These meetings have the role of moderator, which changes each meeting and that helps us to respect turns of phrase, and the role of secretary, which is permanent and notes the minutes of each session. There is also the role of Treasurer who keeps Clover savings, the monthly fee we decided.
In our discussions we talk about economics, politics, gardening, cinema, etc.
A Clover we are determined to move forward to make society aware of our rights and working to grow the number of people in the group.

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