The Clover self-managers resume their activity


After almost a year of pause in the activities of the self-management program due to the pandemic, the Clover Self-Managers of the Ramon Noguera Foundation met again on Thursday last week, in a semi-face-to-face meeting with telematic connection to the which was attended by 9 people: 4 were connected from the Montilivi occupational center, 3 from a home-residence, one from another home-residence and one more from their home.

In this meeting, the first objective was to choose a person from the group to represent them in the network of self- managers of DINCAT (Federation of entities of intellectual disability in Catalonia). The chosen one was Manel Espinosa who, as many of you know, is a receptionist in the central services of the entity. They then made an annual calendar of meetings in this semi-face-to-face hybrid format. The next meeting will be on March 17 and they will meet monthly.

Who are the Clover self-managers?

The Trèvol self-managers are a group of people, all of them users of services from the Ramon Noguera Foundation, who came together a few years ago to share experiences and experiences, ideas and projects for the future, and the last one who worked more deeply they were outreach activities in institutes, universities and civic centers to raise awareness of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

As one of its members, Teresa Gironès, said in an article some time ago, “people with intellectual disabilities also want to have self-determination and the right to decide, to be able to manage our lives, to be the protagonists and not secondary actors. . ”

For a long time, the activities included meeting spaces to talk about different topics (economics, politics, gardening, cinema) and meetings with other groups of self-managers in Catalonia and to exchange experiences and knowledge. Now, with this reunion, they will be able to resume some activities and continue to promote their goal of disseminating and defending their rights.

This action is part of the FEM Xarxa project and funded by the Extraordinary call for Welfare and Community of DIPSALUT (Public Health Agency of the Diputació de Girona).

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