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Article of FRN Magazine nº5 of 2018

MARIA JOSÉ NAVAJAS and GLÒRIA JIMÉNEZ Child Education Techniques at the El Carrilet Nursery School

Everything started with the job proposal and followed with a small explanation of the project. We can not deny that concerns and doubts arose at the beginning, but there was also a lot of enthusiasm and a great desire to learn new things.
We went into the project, taking it as a personal and professional challenge. Little by little, we were getting to know the families and children of the classroom, and they wiped their wits with the day to day.

We have been learning throughout the course; We could say that every day has been different and that's how we have lived. Leaving us as we have heard at every moment, enjoying the experiences lived with our "children", trying to offer each one of them everything they need to feel safe and comfortable in school.

So we have been weaving between all this first course of this new project, with desire, enthusiasm, motivation, perseverance, collaboration, teamwork, empathy, learning ... It has not been an easy way, we have found with situations and / or unknown events that we have faced with professionalism and with the help of the specialists who have given us support at all times.

It has been an experience of which we can take a positive look, has brought us new experiences full of emotions, which are not always easy to manage, and that have helped us get to know ourselves a little better. It has allowed us to grow as professionals, but it has also undoubtedly offered us the possibility of growing as people.

All this has been thanks to the involvement, collaboration and support of all the educational team and management of the Carrilet, as well as the support and advice of the professionals of the CDIAP who, together with us, have been part of the project. So, we would like to thank you and thank you for the trust placed in us and to welcome us to the team by making us feel part of the school, surely without all of them it would not have been possible.

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Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2018. Read more articles: FRN MAGAZINE

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