Present and future of the youth guarantee to Girona


On May 30, under the joint project with the city of Girona "Girona, integral territory," Ramon Noguera Foundation, represented by Marina Molina, technical projects, participated in the conference "Present and Future of Assurance youth in the Girona area. " The networking session was held in the auditorium of the headquarters of the Government of Catalonia in Girona and attended a handful of related entities in different areas related to youth.

Some of the most important interventions were:

SER.GI Lluís Puigdemont
"With this partnership between social organizations and government, we have possibility to improve the potential opportunities and employability of young people we serve"

Ecosol (Caritas): Anna Güell
"Thanks to 'Girona integral territory' we added employment opportunities"

Group FRN: Marina Molina
"Networking is the future in the territory since it allows to add synergies to achieve more ambitious goals"

City of Salt: Maribel Pena
"Networking has been an enriching experience for us that has facilitated communication between the organizations and helps care for the participants of the programs"

Astrid-21: Sandra Fernandez
"Networking has enabled us to care more quickly and directly"

Oscobe: Anna Nouguet
"With networking have shared methodologies and tools that improve the work efficiency of various professionals who participate in"

County Council: Mary Figuerola
"We believe that the time to be devoted to networking is important and necessary, this must be taken into account"

Drissa Foundation: Nuria furnace
"We believe that to continue such projects can be carried forward for fruitful networking and thus improve it every day. 9 musketeers, all for one, one for all "

A total of 3,958 young people in the Girona area have already benefited Youth Guarantee program implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs through the Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC). The Youth Guarantee initiative is a European jobs to reduce youth unemployment. So far, 4,316 young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee that met the requirements in the province of Girona, 1,372 young people have found a job in the course of their entry to the Youth Guarantee. The director of SOC Merced Garau, has announced this information at the opening of the conference "Present and future of the guarantee Youth in the Girona region" held in the city of Girona with the participation of the entities that manage the programs the province.

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