Gardening Service

Gardening Service

Gardening and forestry services companies. The satisfaction of our customers, the best quality guarantee

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The lines of business activity managed by the Fundació Ramon Noguera Group and created with the aim of occupying people with disabilities, become professional services aimed at companies and individuals with a guarantee of quality, with added social value and with a high satisfaction of our clients . We have the corresponding quality records and we carry out all processes according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Administrative Contracting Advisory Board
iso 14001

Gardening services to companies and institutions

Construction and maintenance of gardens and green spaces
Conservation parks, urban roads, plots, housing estates and forests
Disease control and phytosanitary treatments
Management and maintenance of irrigation networks
Tree management (pruning specialized esporgues, logging and plantations)
Forestry work (clearing, thinning and safety strips)
Cleaning and maintenance of urban roads
natural places


We work with companies of different areas that we have faced many different situations successfully

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