We started to work on the EASYCOOKING project


The Ramon Noguera Foundation will be part of the project "Development of a Cook Book for Students with Mental Disabilities" from the ERASMUS + EASYCOOKING program from September 2017 with a A duration of two years and a budget of € 225,690, coordinated by the Vocational Training Center Margarita (Greece) and counting on partners: Orchardville Society Ltd (Ireland), ARCIL (Portugal), EPSYME (Greece), Organization Earth (Greece), Harokopio University (Greece).

The main objective is to co-produce an easy cookbook book and improve the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities through easy-to-eat cooking and small-scale food training sessions. It is planned to search recipes from different participating countries with criteria of healthy diet, traditional food, ecological products and proximity, cultural identity, etc. The Ramon Noguera Foundation will participate so much in the implementation of learning methodologies (task analysis, easy reading) in the field of easy cooking and organic farming applied to daily kitchen, as in the realization of the main tasks planned

These tasks are grouped into 6 main activities:

- Research, training and development of small-scale urban gardens

- Research, training and development of cooking sessions for students with ID

- Design, publication and dissemination of a cookbook (Cook Book)

- Design, publication and dissemination of a manual for the trainer (Manual Trainer)

- Training the trainers seminars

- Communication and dissemination to all agents involved and local, national, ...

Four transnational meetings are planned, one in each participating country. The first will be the launch meeting of the project and will take place in Athens (Greece) at the end of September or the beginning of October 2017. The second (March 2018) will be carried out in Catalonia at the premises of the Ramon Foundation Noguera, an organization that will also organize workshops for trainers. The third meeting (October 2018) will take place in Portugal at the facilities of ARCIL and the final meeting (April 2019) in the United Kingdom at the facilities of Orchardville.

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