We participate in activities of the Festa Major de Llagostera


The Festa Major de Llagostera is being celebrated this May. It started on Thursday 20th and ends tomorrow May 24th. Although the total normality of before the pandemic has not yet been restored, this year the town's festival has had a diverse and complete program for all audiences.

Balcony Decoration Contest

The boys and girls of the occupational center and the home-residence of Llagostera are very active and are very involved in the activities of the village. This year they have presented, once again, in the Balcony Decoration Contest organized by Lla, an activity included in the programming of the party. The goal was to decorate the balconies and windows of the home-residence where they live with flowers and plants, which could be both natural and artificial. At the foundation we are very familiar with crafts and handicrafts, which is why we always try to work with handmade elements with materials such as cardboard-stone, cardboard, paper or similar. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they also made a beautiful floral decoration for the window of the occupational center.

Yesterday Sunday, Llagostera en flor celebrated the awards ceremony for the winners in an event held in the town square. The boys and girls of the Ramon Noguera Foundation were awarded the 3rd prize, which they collected very happily. From here we congratulate them for this well-deserved recognition, and we encourage them to continue participating with the same enthusiasm as before in other activities of the village.

Painting exhibition

On the other hand, during these days of Festa Major you can also visit the exhibition of paintings in the rooms of Can Roure (in front of the Casa de Vídues). In this exhibition you will find paintings by some of the boys and girls from Llagostera who regularly attend the painting workshop at the Pere Mayol Municipal School of Art. The exhibition can still be visited today and tomorrow from 12pm to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm. We hope you enjoy it.

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