We open the library occupational center Montilivi


The occupational center Montilivi has released a new library. The proposal to start the project off Participation Council Foundation Montilivi, of the hand of a user of the center, Fernando Blasco. Explains himself:

"The history of our library began a personal concern. I, as a user of the occupational center Montilivi, public libraries Girona and lover of reading, I explained the idea at the annual meeting of the Board of participation, I'm so delegate. it approved the proposal and then I was gathering information, with the support of the different professionals direct care center and library Girona. My main objective was to promote reading for each user functional diversity and, from that moment, he implemented the assembly of our new library. "

The push Ferran has given rise to a project in order to carry out the library, based on three objectives:

- Promoting the reading habit among users of the Occupational Therapy Service

- Provide books adapted to the needs, demands and preferences of these users

- Create a space for consultation, to borrow books and multimedia material

The first step to implement the project was to make a search of areas that we could donate books and Space Charms (Biblioteca Salvador Allende) was the first to cooperate. Later we have received other donations and we are open to collaboration with all.

A second step was to seek support for professional help and guidance in Ferdinand a properly while managing the library, including the registration of loans, the classification for materials and other relevant points to consider.

In December, launched the project and everything was perfect. Users of the center are very happy to have this equipment and have been subjected to a survey to assess their specific interests. Today, even the offer is being extended and already has multimedia.

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