The Theater as a therapy for the users of our residences


Itineraries are activities generated based on the preferences of a group of people using our services.

The theater is one of the itineraries promoted by the Residential Reception service and, specifically, by the Fontajau Residence.

In this itinerary, personal qualities are worked on, the communicative capacity is promoted, memory, bodily expression are activated, sensitivity is awakened, self-esteem is strengthened, interpersonal relationships, trust, creativity and values such as equality, respect and tolerance are promoted. You learn to collaborate with each other and work as a team.

This itinerary takes place in a weekly session lasting an hour and a half and takes place in the theater of the Civic Center of Taialà.

Seven users take part, accompanied and directed by a direct attention monitor and two amateur volunteers in the world of theater.

Sessions are structured as follows:

· 10 minutes for questions about the day or week.
· 20 minutes to do warm-up exercises: work on expressions, improvisations and performances (mime games, inventing stories, etc.).
· Applause for the work done.
· 10 minutes of script review.
· 20 minutes of theatrical performance.
· Applause for the work done.
· 15 minutes break for snacks and to share observations
· 15 minutes of theatrical performance.
· Final greeting and applause.

The actors elaborate the dialogues with their vocabulary and their way of doing things, that is: as they usually say things.

The material supports used are visual cards of emotions, actions, animals, props (objects that appear on the scene) and the visual script in comic format, as the example you can see in the illustration on the right , where two moments of one of the plays they have created and staged are staged.

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