New Special Stage shows in Girona and Banyoles


Our actors and actresses who do theater with Special Stages are already ready for new shows:


A play directed by Ferran Joanmiquel and performed by Consol B., Gumer E., Encarna G., Isabel M., Carlos N. and Josep V. With the participation of Josep Parés.

What is it about?

A theater company is casting for Richard III. The problem is that everyone wants to play the role of King Richard. Everyone wants to play with power in their hands. So actors and characters get confused into one thing and start a battle of lies, manipulations and self-interested pacts between them. It is the evil spirit of Richard III, the wild boar, who has taken over the soul of the play.


Directed by Eva Ferré and starring Andrea A., Xavier B., Narcís F., Jordi G., Estefi G., Ferran Ll., Mercè M., Judit P., Jordi P. and Romina P.

What is the argument?

The playwright Sophocles has one goal: to write a classic. In his first attempt, Sophocles tries to write Oedipus the King, but finds it impossible, as the characters come to life and boycott the end. The playwright does not give up and tries again by writing Antigone, but the protagonist rebels, time and time again, refusing to write destiny. Will Sophocles finally be able to achieve his goal?

When will you be able to enjoy these shows?

· Sunday June 12 at 12:00 at the Banyoles Performing Arts Factory TICKETS

· Sunday 3 July at 12:00 in the La Planeta room in Girona TICKETS

Special Scenarios

Organization born in Banyoles in 2006 by the hand of the psychologist and playwright Clàudia Cedó, with the support of the city's Culture Department. For years she worked as a theater teacher, writing and directing amateur shows in the city. He realized that in the Municipal Theater Classroom of Banyoles there was no room for people with special needs. With the concern to unite psychology and dramatic art, and to offer these people a space of expressiveness, he created Special Stages. Since then the project has been working with different foundations and has premiered more than 40 shows. Today, it has 90 students from 9 entities from Banyoles, Girona, Cassà de la Selva and Platja d'Aro.

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