The Ramon Noguera Foundation collaborates at the 63rd. exhibition Temps de Flors de Girona


On Saturday, May 12th is the starting point for the 63rd. "Temps de Flors" exhibition, a great event that adorns the city of Girona and turns it into a sea of ​​flowers that dress the monumental and historic heritage of the Old Quarter.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation has been actively participating for many years in this exhibition, designing and elaborating handcrafted decorative cardboard with floral theme from its occupational centers. This year, as it has been a classic for some years now, we have collaborated in the decoration of the CaixaFòrum, in the Fontana d'Or (exhibition number 30 of the map) and in different banking offices of CaixaBank, those of the Santa streets Clara, Nou, Sant Agustí and Sant Fèlix. Floral designs are inspired by the exhibition of Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries that can be visited right now at the CaixaForum.

This year there is a novelty, and we also participate in the decoration of the gardens of the Devesa, one of the points that was included for the first time in the route of Temps de Flors, 141 . We collaborate because there is one of the lines of activity we manage, the café La Rosaleda Restaurant Tasting Garden . We have collaborated so much from the line of gardening, as from the occupational centers.

The work, called FOTOFLOR, has been designed by artist and designer Josep Mercader , who is keen to work with wicker, and has also had the collaboration of the Neighborhood Association Devesa- Güell.

The gardens of the Rosaleda de la Devesa are a fairly unknown place for the people of Girona, so with this proposal, what we want is to open it and make it known in a framework, Temps de Flors, which gives us the opportunity to Approach all visitors who come to the floral display.

The project contemplates the idea that the visitor takes over the space, the gardens of La Rosaleda, and that is why it is played with the concept of FOTOFLOR, as an adaptation of the "PHOTOCOL" (photocall). It is not just about decorating and showing the beauty of the gardens and the pieces worked for ornamentation, but also pretends that the person can interact with the environment. The proposal, then, are giant flowers elaborated in a crafted way with wicker, flowers that will act as a stage so that the visitor can be photographed with the sample, forming part of it, even "becoming flower "and, at the same time, taking a little bit as a photographic souvenir. The idea also revolves around finding special corners of the gardens with views of the cathedral, in such a way that Girona can be represented and easily recognized.

We are all accustomed to relating the Devesa with the banana leaves that during the months of the year, and especially in the fall and winter, flood the corridors of the park. But with this project we want to flourish the Devesa, give importance to the flowers that are in their gardens, and that is why FLOWER is the highlight of the exhibition. We also have the presence of the butterflies, which blend in with the spring touch of FOTOFLOR and that integrate perfectly into the labyrinth of flower beds, trees and shrubs in the gardens of La Rosaleda.

You can consult the plan with the exhibitors of Temps de Flors here

Preparing the gardens of the Devesa:

Making the CaixaForum's decorations and CaixaBank offices:

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