A forest of fairies decorates the Sant Lluc chapel for Girona, Temps de Flors


The assembly is the result of the collaboration between the "la Caixa" Foundation, through CaixaBank, and the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

Today, May 16, the presentation of the exhibition entitled "The fairy forest" took place. The project is an honorary forest inhabited by little fairies and extraordinary beings. Passing a green and floral curtain you can see the forest, surrounded by a circle of trees that do not allow entry and, inside, thousands of flowers, small lights and fairies.

The Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, and the Councilor for Economic Promotion of the Girona City Council, Glòria Plana Yanes, visited the space this morning accompanied by the Catalonia regional director of CaixaBank, Josep M. Gonzàlez.

"The exhibition hosted by the chapel of Sant Lluc is an example of what Temps de Flors is: a unique and ephemeral space. The key to the event's success is public and private collaboration, with the participation of artists, volunteers and also social entities such as the 'la Caixa' Foundation or the Ramon Noguera Foundation. That everyone feels included is very important", said the mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas.

For his part, the territorial director of CaixaBank in Catalonia, Josep M. Gonzàlez, emphasized that "from CaixaBank we are very pleased to collaborate closely in this new edition of Temps de Flors and to be one of the main sponsors, of this floral display with great recognition, and of a recognized tradition".

Gonzàlez wanted to remember that the organization, already a hundred years old in the Girona regions, is strongly committed to Girona and its progress, with a close collaboration this year with the Ramon Noguera Foundation, which has been responsible for producing the paper animals and flowers that decorate the place.

The managing director of the Ramon Noguera Foundation group, Pepita Perich, thanked the collaboration with CaixaBank and highlighted the creativity of people with intellectual disabilities, who have designed and made seven fantastic animals with recycled material, such as it is the case of the unicorn that is in the forest. More than 50 users of the organization, accompanied by six monitors, have participated in the project and have been working on it for nearly three months.

The assembly "The fairy forest" is the work of Joan Manel Guillén, Lidia Torrijos, Jordi Abello, Sergi Gonàlez and Raimon Gandia.

Source: El Gerió digital

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