Social responsibility and fashion come together in the 8th edition of Out Shopper


Out the shopper, the largest shopping social initiative reaches the eighth

Will be open from 5 to 9 October with pop-up stores and a program of leisure activities for the whole family

Martin and Maria Rosa Peraferrer Terradellas support the initiative of the Foundation Ramon Noguera

Nearly forty brands of fashion, footwear and home accessories, will present the eighth edition of Out Shopper organized by the Ramon Noguera Foundation, which aims to promote and support the work carried out by the organization. The initiative, a pioneer in the State, to be held from 5 to 9 October at the headquarters of the Foundation, Industry Street Girona, is presented to visitors as an attractive combination of social shopping (brands offer discounts up to 70%), music, entertainment and dining outdoors while involvement represents a social, given that 5% of the profits from sales will go to promote social projects.

This time out the shopper has the explicit support of the actor and theater director, Peraferrer Martí, and the director of the Chair of Social Responsibility of the University of Girona, Maria Rosa Terradellas. Both were present this morning at the press conference to present the shopper out at the headquarters of the Foundation Ramon Noguera, along with Managing Director of the Foundation, Pepita Perich; Xavier Alomar, CEO of texture, representing brands; and the Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas.

Pepita Perich said that for the Foundation, "each new edition of the Shopper Out is a new challenge to seek the involvement of the people to enable the development of social projects to improve the lives of people with disabilities intellectual property. "

Alomar said that the news of this edition are intended to respond to the demands of visitors Shopper Out "People usually come increasingly asked us to extend the opening hours of Sunday and we did; also improving every year combining entertainment and shopping and we are expanding the Children's aimed at children, because what we want is that people who come have a good time at the premises of the Foundation; and we have grown in number of brands that are always repeated n'incorporem and a few new ones, which means that there is an increasingly important implication of the companies that are socially responsible. "

Marta Madrenas also highlighted the growing corporate social responsibility and said that "it is important to get involved in these projects, exercising this responsibility." Madrenas thanked the "wonderful work carried out by the Foundation, which for over 50 years is giving opportunities to the most vulnerable people and helping to improve their lives."

As for the sponsors of this year, Terradellas Maria Rosa explained that the Chair directed specifically aims to promote social responsibility in business in three areas: solidarity, sustainability and quality. In this regard, he said, "companies involved in shopper Out, exercise this responsibility through their involvement in this event."

Peraferrer Martin explained that the International Amateur Theatre Festival of Girona (FITAG) was delighted to have been named sponsor of this event and called for collaboration to the Foundation Ramon Noguera because he said 'from FITAG are trying to open the stage for people with disabilities. " As Managing Director of the Foundation, Pepita Perich, it showed biased.
more brands

More brands and expansion schedules

This edition will present approximately forty pop-up stores, including new brands such as Geographical Norway, Mus & chocolates, nudie Jeans, Sneakers Asfvlt, Diesel and Piu et Nau. Fashion and accessories for men and women will be able to find reputable firms like Franklin & Marshall, Sita Murt, Superdry,

Lacoste, Javier Simorra, Macson, Texture, Boxley, US Polo Assn., Fyord, Pepe Jeans, Eleven Paris, byssus, Skunkfunk or LTB Jeans among others, while there will be fashion and children's articles Canada House, Eurekadids or Mon Marcel. Timberland, Stonefly, Geox, VamCats and Vans are among the footwear firms will be present at this edition. And there will also be the brand of handmade accessories designed and produced in the company. All of them offer their products in an area of ​​over 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, which will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday, has been extended business hours opening and will be from 10 am to 7 pm.

Concert program renewed

The eighth edition has, once again, a full range of leisure, in order that the public can spend all day visiting the Shoppes Out. In this sense there will be restoration of the hands of different food trucks; will be repeated and expanded concert series Live Music Shoppe & Out, given the success of the previous edition: Double Chick (Thursday 2/4 8 pm) Defunky's (Friday 2 / 4 to 8 pm) Buena Onda (02/04 Saturday 8 pm) and Blues Caravan (Sunday at 12 noon); There will be children's activities by the Ascènica of the tiny and The bbkids and an inflatable Boti-Boti; all with free admission. There hauràeq contests on Facebook and Instagram, with gift vouchers, and among the visitors will be drawn every day a hotel stay Thousand Stars.

steady growth

The success and impact of this pioneering Foundation Ramon Noguera has been increasing since the first edition of Out Shopper, which took place in 2013 and had three brands in a space of only 300 m2. In the second edition space and was doubled from seven marks, while in May 2014 it went to 20 commercial companies with more than 4,000 m2 of exhibition space. The number of brands grew in October of the same year to thirty.

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