Leisure and therapeutic activity in the swimming pool of the residence


Today we want to talk about the pool itinerary, an activity carried out once a week by users of the Sarrià residence very beneficial for their health.

Water allows more mobility and, as a result, muscle toning, stretching and balance are worked on better, both from a recreational and therapeutic point of view. Not only is it a positive activity, they also love it.

How is this itinerary developed? It takes place in the heated swimming pool of the same residence, and there are two professionals who guide the activity:

- The person in charge of physical activity, Cesc Massó, who usually works in pairs or group sessions playing psychomotor games and developing motor skills in the water.

- The physiotherapist, Edu Rossell, who does individual sessions for a more therapeutic purpose. Aquatic rehabilitation in physiotherapy is very useful with people with reduced mobility. The aim is to promote the physical and mental development of the person through a work of perception of their own body in the aquatic environment, where gravity does not intervene.

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