Finalists at the event The Balcony of Arts 2019


The Balcón de las Artes is a painting contest organized by the Setba Foundation and aimed at people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is already the second year that we present ourselves. This year we have participated in the contest with the works Josep Vilà, Miquel Puig, Ruth Chacón, Mohamed Azzahari, Carme Fuyà, Juan Carlos Beamonte, Victoria Hidalgo, Jesús Llorente and Isabel Morales, and the last four have been finalists.

The winners receive an economic compensation and a prize that consists of an integrative painting workshop. In addition, the 12 finalist works are part of a solidarity calendar that is sold and the benefits are allocated to the entities of the participants. On June 17, 2019, the winners will be announced at a public event at the CaixaForum in Barcelona, and in the second half of June the works will be exhibited at the Royal Artistic Circle.

It is a project that aims to enhance the artistic skills of people with intellectual disabilities and encourage this group to work in the field of plastic arts. With this initiative the Setba Foundation wants to dignify the work and talent of these people, giving them equal treatment, leaving aside prejudices and promoting integration and solidarity.

Congratulations to all the participants because the truth is that they have presented genuine works of art and surely the jury has had it very difficult to choose the finalists.

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