2nd prize of Jesús Llorente at the painting contest El Balcón de las Artes


As we explained to you a few days ago, this year celebrated the 9th edition of El Balcón de las Artes, a painting contest organized by the Setba Foundation and aimed at people with intellectual disabilities and development. It is the second year that we introduce ourselves and this time the finalist works were those of Juan Carlos Beamonte, Victoria Hidalgo, Jesús Llorente and Isabel Morales.

The celebration to announce the winners took place on June 17 and, of the 780 works that were presented, of 55 different entities, a jury chose the winners in two categories:


The Bardinet Design Award was awarded to the artist Esperanza Palacios from the Alba Group, for the work "Even the bravest is weak sometimes." The artist worked during a day at La Casa de Carlota to turn his work into the label of one of the wines of Bardinet: Valentine. In addition, he received an economic compensation of € 500.


The Artistic Prize, consisting of an economic contribution donated by the Setba Foundation and a lot of material, tickets and various gifts, courtesy of Art Mir and the FCB Museum, had 8 selected, 9 finalists and 3 winners.


1st prize, Joel Garcia of the Alba Group for the play "Tocado y sundido".
2nd prize, Jesús Llorente of the Ramon Noguera Foundation for the work "Ojos negros".
3rd prize, Xavier Riambau of the Occupational Center Les Corts for the work "I remember Basquia."


Juan Manuel Ibáñez of the Foundation Love for La Flor
Xavi Hernández from the Asproseat Proa Esplugues Chaos Foundation
Victoria Hidalgo of the Ramon Noguera Foundation for "Las Casas del Prado"
Mª Jesús Fernández de la Fundación Los Joncos por Gerro con flores
Daniel Pérez from the Private Foundation Rainbow by Vespa
Michelle Sarmiento from the TEAS Foundation for My Philippine Grandmother
Alexis Hinojosa de Ampans for Blue Horse
Yolanda Marco de la Fundación Estimó por El plateado
Jordi Nadal de Cointegra for Mossos d'Esquadra of Barcelona and Badalona


Mohamed El Aamrani of the Joncos Foundation for Storm in the African Savannah
David Espinazo from the Occupational Center Les Corts per El jardiner
Mª Florencia Mariño from the Catalan Foundation Down Syndrome for The Dream of the Duck
Olivia Saavedra of the Occupational Center Les Corts for Golden woman.
Berta Alsina from the TEAS Foundation for El Mar
Fermín Fernández de la Fundación Estima para In memory of Gauguin
Isabel Morales of the Ramon Noguera Foundation for "The woman with golden hair"
Juan Carlos Beamonte of the Ramon Noguera Foundation for "La mujer bella"

The exhibition with all the works of this edition can be visited at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona from June 18 to 30, 2019.

We congratulate the organization of the event because it is a project that enhances the artistic dowries of people with intellectual disabilities and encourages the collective to work in the field of plastic arts. With this initiative the Setba Foundation helps dignify the work and talent of these people, giving them equal treatment, leaving aside prejudices and promoting integration and solidarity.

Congratulations to all the participants because the truth is that they have presented genuine works of art and surely the jury has had it very difficult to choose the finalists.

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