The vision of a family using the Intervention


Esther Ayuso, mother of a young user of the CDIAP


Having a child with a disability reminds me of the "Mecanoscrit of the second origin": take air, immerse yourself and leave, without knowing why, everything you know has changed.

Being realistic, you have to start a somewhat difficult path where you have a new vocabulary, management and help you never heard of, therapies, doctors, ways to relate and, why deceive us, an emotional work for Part of parents and your environment.

Personally, I think that when a baby with multiple diversity is born, a super hero is born and a seed is implanted that grows in parents capable of moving mountains, grandparents with an infinite inner strength and some friends who become brothers; A seed that needs its time to grow and look.

During this disconcerting initial path, I could feel that someone shook my hand and he said to my ear: YOU CAN, FORWARD, DO NOT BE SOLA! I had arrived at the CDIAP ! There I was supported, all the professionals were willing to help me with what I needed and to anticipate aids that would be useful for me later.

One of the following visits was with the social worker. She opened the doors of heaven! You feel so lost at this time and it is all that difficult to manage, that it is appreciated that a wonderful soul will print all the necessary documents, ask your appointments and even put a sticky note to remember every step that you have to do.

On the other hand, we also received psychological support to fit various reactions in the environment and relocate each feeling to your site. At the same time, we received visits from other internal and external professionals, all managed from the center, in order to give us some guidelines to start small exercises.

However, the most important weight lies with the relationship that is generated with the professional that your child carries, in our case, the physiotherapy service. She has shown us the utmost professionalism and respect towards our son, has guided us into countless subjects, neglected, fears. He advised us all about what she knew, she spent time in opening new horizons and giving us options; He has continued to grow to grow professionally and taught us to "be", to create strengths and understand life from a healthier point of view.

And it is that she has become, without realizing it, a very important person in our lives since, since the birth of our son, she is the person we have most seen and most willing has been to help us due to The continuous weekly attention, she has guarded for the health and well-being of our little one and, at the same time, for ours. And in very complicated moments, she is one of the only voices that could give you comfort, because you feel as regards your son, as he esteems, all the efforts he has made to help him develop within His possibilities and the investment of time he has spent teaching us to "fly".

And, soon, we have to finish this stage, that with a lot of sadness we will leave behind, and we will die to enter the centers of the CDIAP, and be received with a great smile, with a welcome worthy of people who love and respect, professionals who They do not close in an office because we talk about PEOPLE with a huge heart, who dedicate their work day to something more than a profession ... ETERNAMENT ... THANK YOU FAMILY!

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2017. Read more articles: MAGAZINE FRN 2017

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