Learn to work by improving the employability of 36 people at risk of social exclusion and special difficulties


Girona, November 12, 2018.- The project "Learning to work working" has allowed to improve the employability of 36 people at risk of social exclusion and special difficulties (severe mental disorder and intellectual disability). The project, funded by Obra Social "la Caixa", has been in charge of Grup Èxit, formed by entities that carry out their activity in the field of the social economy.

"Learning to work working" aims to offer new employment opportunities to people with more difficulties in insertion. The project has made these people available, a personalized itinerary that includes training in mixed groups, with the participation of people from the three entities that are part of Grup Èxit. During this period, participants were trained in food safety, cooking techniques, forklift driving or other skills such as teamwork, work organization or conflict resolution. Within the framework of the project, and in the last 12 months, 26 people have achieved a work contract, 6 of which in ordinary company and 23 people in protected work (3 people who have had a protected contract have made the leap to open market companies) . The initiative has had more than 90 collaborating companies of insertion.

Grupo Èxit's coordinator, Anna Güell, stressed that "the results confirm the success of this new initiative aimed at offering new employment opportunities to people with more difficulties in insertion." In this sense, Anna Güell added that "through the social projects linked to the ecological pasta and pizza workshop of the Onyar Foundation, the juices and menus of the Drissa Foundation, the cafeteria El Coro de Sarrià de Ter or the Rosaleda- Girona Tasting Garden offers training and work opportunities for those people whose life has not given them a first chance or makes them very difficult to access a second or third opportunity. "

Anna Güell pointed out that "our daily challenge is to offer the best professionalism with the highest quality of service for ease of access to the workplace of people who want to have the opportunity to work and, at the same time, respond to the needs of our customers ".

Success group
Grup Èxit is a business organization specialized in the provision of cleaning, painting, gardening, industrial and maintenance services. The Group was created in 2009 thanks to the alliance between three entities that develop their own
activity in the field of social economy: the Private Foundation Drissa, Ecosol and the Fundació Ramon Noguera Group.

The objectives of the group are to maintain and increase the economic activity of production of goods or the provision of services in order to promote the social and occupational integration of people with disabilities and in situations and / or at serious risk of social exclusion from the field of influence of the member entities.

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