Onyar Food at the III Meeting of Friends of the Foundation


Yesterday, July 19th, we celebrated the III Meeting of Friends of the Foundation at the La Rosaleda Restaurant Tasting Garden .

Friends of the Foundation is a program whose goal is to familiarize us with our surroundings and join them in an exciting project such as that of the Ramon Noguera Foundation in Girona, people who, by becoming friends , collaborate directly with the Our entity is supporting to promote new initiatives to achieve the objectives we propose.

The annual meeting, which takes place at the gates of the holidays, offers us the opportunity to present what we do and, above all, to enter into new projects that, with the support of our collaborators, make us reach a great deal Beyond our work to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. At the moment, we have reached the figure of 100 friends of the foundation and, in 2017, the amount of ཇ .000.00 in contributions of these friends was exceeded.

In the meeting yesterday, Salvi Amagat, President of the organization, welcomed the nearly 80 attendees. Next, the word to the Pepita Perich, director of the entity, was presented, which presented a project whose main objective is to generate job opportunities through the production of organic foods that we commercialize with the Aliments Onyar brand.

Onyar Food arrived at our organization from the integration of the Onyar La Selva Foundation to the Ramon Noguera Foundation Group at the end of 2016. It was an initiative promoted by Toni Ruiz and Maite Farrés, founders of the Onyar Foundation who, with the colleague, The work of Gloria Argany and his team, designed the product and managed to get it to the market successfully.

Now it is up to us to take over, so we are excited and, at the same time, convinced that we have a great project that should help us give job opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and, at the same time, we have a very good product with all the premises to make possible its growth in the market.

Onyar Foods are products of the ecological, proximity and quality food, pizza and fresh pasta, as well as pâtés and sauces, among others. These products have a fourth ingredient that is the social value they bring. We are working to grow the Aliments Onyar project and, at this point, we have had the collaboration of ESADE ALUMNI that, through a specialized advisory and support program, have developed a market study that has given us to serve to work our business plan in relation to this activity. From here, we are working on an action plan to advance the growth of the project. Two of the actions that we have already started are:

· Transfer of the current workshop located in Quart towards new facilities in Girona, which will allow us to improve technologically and optimize the production circuits. This action will help us with the improvement of the current product and boost innovation towards new product ranges.

· Positioning of the brand through a change of image. Just yesterday we introduced the new Onyar Food logo. We have evolved the logo towards smoother and more organic lines, with more movement, we have eliminated simplification and, in terms of colors, we have maintained the original green, which represents the concept of ecological, and we have transformed Lilac, a very cold color, in a garnet that gives the point of vitality and strength we need to position our brand.

In the presentation of this project, also participated Marta Moreta and Josep Vilà, members of ESADE ALUMNI, who explained how they work from this voluntary advice program and how they lived with the experience with the specific project Aliments Onyar . At this point, we would like to thank them and the rest of the group that participated in the program: Anna del Hoyo, Marc Bisbe, Laura Brancós, Gerard Prat, Jordi Pascual and Manel Cunill.

To finish the presentation, we wanted to transfer the Workshop on Food Onyar to La Rosaleda to teach how our ecological products are made, and we did it through a video, where we can see the whole team, Onyar Food, led by Cecilia Molero, Technical Project Manager. Also thank them: Salo, Irene, Mia, Emi, Silvia, Marina, Iliya, Emili, David, Valentín, Jordi and Miquel Angel.

To finish the meeting, there was a tasting of Onyar Food products in the gardens of La Rosaleda, in an unbeatable atmosphere.

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