"La Caixa" Welfare Projects awards us a grant of 2,500 euros for the 'Form to occupy' project


"La Caixa" Welfare Projects grants a 2,500 euros grant to the Ramon Noguera Foundation for the "Work to fill out" project. This help will allow you to buy the necessary material to be able to give training in the form of Certificate of Professionalism.

Girona, June 4, 2019.- "Formar para ocupar" is a training project promoted by the Guidance and Employment Occupation service of the Ramon Noguera Foundation Group that will allow new opportunities and improve the employability of people with intellectual disability thanks to a training program in Auxiliary Trade Operations certified by the Employment Service of Catalonia.

This training project offers new opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities since it is regulated and professional training adapted for this group of people and the training offer, in this sense, is limited in Catalonia. The program envisages initially training 15 people through a 270-hour course, with the ultimate goal of inserting them into the ordinary labor market.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation Group specializes in the creation and management of centers and services aimed at people with intellectual disabilities and children with developmental disorders in the Gironès region. It serves more than 1,000 people throughout the year and employs 200 people with disabilities.

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