Caravan of Health


Today, from occupational centers, we visited the Caravan of Health, a commitment by Carrefour healthy lifestyles.

Carrefour is an initiative introduced in May which follows another major project "Cocinando Diversion" and with the participation of Ferran Adrià and Disney. Health Caravan will travel for 7 months, 51 hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Spain, playfully showing the benefits of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Visitors can enjoy the caravan of two distinct areas: the area of ​​education, where cooking workshops are taught by staff trained in El Bulli Foundation and features an exhibition about nutrition and the playground where Disney will develop activities entertainment-related physical activity.

Thus, kids today have visited have been able to conduct a cooking workshop based on the preparation of a recipe Maki Vader, with ingredients such as nori, avocado, salmon and cucumber sauce soy. They also had a gift for their participation: an apron. It was a great experience.

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