The CDIAP speech therapy service


One of the services we offer in our early care centers is the Physiotherapy service, which focuses its work on promoting the motor and sensory development of the first stage of childhood (0-6 years), through the detection of possible alterations. of children, thanks to the early and adjusted intervention of the motor area.

It is a service that aims to detect and redirect impaired functions as well as guide the child throughout his motor development, with psychomotor and neuromotor stimulation, as well as techniques of respiratory physiotherapy, stimulation, psychomotor and postural treatment.

Detection of motor disorders can help positively prevent a child's school performance, social relationships, and quality of life. Therefore, the pediatric physiotherapist helps to discover possible motor disorders and to guide the diagnosis to improve the processes related to the motor area, which will be seen through movement.

Who is it for?

Children aged 0 to 6 years at risk of developing neuromotor problems who need comprehensive and individual medical care.

What are the functions of the service?

Attend, determine and assess the child's functional state, considering the physical, psychological and social aspects for the design of an intervention plan appropriate to the child's circumstances, through specific therapeutic tools adapted to the child. user.

The main objective of the service is to promote the psychomotor development of the child who shows symptoms of vulnerability, due to alterations and illnesses or possible complications in their development.

In addition, the service has the support, the link and the coordination with the families in all the process of the diagnosis, in order to give the necessary resources and the strategies for the good development of the child.

Attention to children and family

Our professional physiotherapists care for children and the family through a process of therapeutic care or evolutionary monitoring of the child, through sensory work that stimulates the five senses of children (postural changes, motor control of the body, motor skills ...) .

Diagnosis is a course led by specialists, but at the same time they will help families learn the support strategies they will need for their children's motor development.

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