XVI Fair Volunteer organizations


On Saturday April 8 was held in the Plaza Salvador Espriu Girona XVI Fair Volunteer Organizations framed Volunteer Week, organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering Girona.

Different organizations of Girona and regions participated in the fair, including the Foundation Ramon Noguera, to publicize their projects and also attract volunteers for their organizations.

On our stop, apart from information for volunteers, they could buy jewelry and handicraft products we make in the service of occupational therapy.

The fair was accompanied by the Giants "Giants Riudarenes" were held free workshops for adults and children, craft workshops, craft, and controls were carried out free blood glucose, blood donations and children's entertainment by Jordi Tonietti.

The Foundation Ramon Noguera want to thank the volunteers who were to accompany us during the fair, and they do throughout the year in different activities and services of our organization.

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