This Saint George's Day presents roses and books with social value


St. George's Day, give away roses and books from the foundation

Our cardboard-stone roses are handcrafted in the Foundation's occupational centers. This year we have made a new small one with petals made from recycled books.


Pink natural size - 6 €

Small size rose - 3 €

Points of sale on April 23:

Onyar Showroom

Foundation Tasting Workshop

Restaurant La Rosaleda

The books we sell are part of REBOOKS , a joint project with Ecosol and the Drissa Foundation, which is based on the reuse of books. Through the collection, recycling and sale of second-hand books, a new way of finding employment for socially vulnerable people is created.


Promotion from 19 to 23 April: 2 books 4 €

1 book: € 3

5 books: € 10

Point of sale:

Foundation Tasting Workshop

and also to:

Biodrissa Shop (Drissa Foundation)

Cafeteria El Coro (Ecosol)

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