Rebooks: social and sustainable books for St. George


As you know, Rebooks is a project of three entities, Ecosol de Cáritas, Fundación Drissa and Fundación Ramon Noguera, who work together in the collection, classification and sale of second-hand books, an activity that offers opportunities to people from groups vulnerable, in addition to being a fully sustainable initiative.

Saint George's Day is approaching and we have already started the campaign to give a second life to the books of this unique project.

The sale prices are:

1 book> € 3

2 books> 5 €

3 books> € 10

How does the Rebooks project work?

Anyone who wants to collaborate with this project can deposit the books they no longer need in the red containers of Ecosol, which maintain their original use (collection of clothes) but which also serve this purpose. There are currently more than 80 containers in 28 municipalities. Some stickers indicate that in addition to clothing, literary or other works may also be left behind. Subsequently, Ecosol delivers them to the Ramon Noguera Foundation's occupational center , which is responsible for assessing and classifying them. The next step is carried out by the Drissa Foundation, where people from the pre-employment service carry out the computer registration, which will be used for the last step: the sale of the books. This social initiative complements those that the three entities already have in operation, while fitting in with the line of sustainable activities that give opportunities to people in a situation of socio-economic vulnerability.

Points of sale:

- Foundation Tasting Workshop (C / Indústria 22) next to the Car Wash of the Ramon Noguera Foundation

- Biodrissa store (C / Ciutadans · Drissa Foundation)

- Bar Cafeteria El Coro (Sarrià de Ter · Ecosol · Caritas)

#Bookfacefriday campaign

We also encourage you to take part in the #bookfacefriday campaign to encourage reading. It's as easy and fun as taking a picture with a book cover, posting it on the net on Fridays, and tagging it with the appropriate hashtag, just like Xavier did!

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